Eleazar ben Simeon

   1) (fl. 1st cent)
   Palestinian Zealot leader. He played an important role in the war against Cestius Gallus. He was responsible for the entry of the Idumeans to Jerusalem and the subsequent massacre of the opponents of the Zealots. He fought against John of Giscala until the beginning of the siege of the city by Titus.
   2) (fl. 2nd cent)
   Palestinian tanna. He was the son of Simeon ben Yohai, with whom he escaped from the Romans by hiding in a cave for 13 years. He engaged in halakhic contro-versy with Judah ha-Nasi as well as in halakhic and aggadic discussions with other scholars. He eventually accepted a position in the Roman administration as an official responsible for the apprehension of thieves and robbers.

Dictionary of Jewish Biography. .

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